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Companies-in-Motion (C-I-M)

...What happens when you put a Choreographer and a Consultant together? They turn change into an art...

Together with Business Consultant Andrea Bugari, Claire Russ has developed Companies-in-Motion (C-I-M), a method of working with business men and women facilitating creativity, innovation, team communication and leadership development. The method stimulates an attitude of participation and engagement in change.

In structured workshops, the art of movement and improvisation is used to make links between physical and intellectual activity, stimulate better thinking, and improve all round awareness.

The method is called Physical Intelligence - Accelerated Learning Approach (PI-ALA)(TM). Through verbal debrief and consultancy techniques, observations and solutions found in physical interaction can be applied to the work place.

The method was recently used at English National Ballet as a team building/leadership exercise for an education team. The response was overwhelmingly positive suggesting that the work of C-I-M can apply to any organisation.

This project has emerged from the Claire Russ Ensemble's long history of working with non-arts communities. The teaching ability and charisma of Claire Russ and the artistic team have led to many successful projects with non-dancers. The development of C-I-M stems from a desire to spread the art of movement beyond the arts world, and enable the body to be better understood for its contribution to culture and communication.

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