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Writing and Living takes you to further into the thinking behind the work of Claire Russ and the Ensemble.

Article 1: An interview with Claire Russ
Published in Dance UK News in 1999

A lighthearted look at the choreographer.
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Article 2: Working The Boundaries
Published in Animated Summer 2001

A commentary on the creation of a piece called VeilSAFE - an installation which toured in 2000/2001 in collaboration with Designer Caroline Broadhead. The project was created on a housing estate on the outskirts of Birmingham called Castle Vale. Our working theme was the 'Veil'. We immediately began to play with words and the interaction of concepts between the 'Veils we were wearing' and the Vale we were in. During this period, architecture and the idea space-sensitive work was beginning to influence Claire Russ. This and the following article can be seen as the early stages en route to her current work with architects and new architectural spaces.
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Article 3: Seeing Time
A paper given at the Future Arts Symposia 2001, curated by Stan's Cafe in Birmingham.

The Symposia brought together a range of artists, curators and academics speaking from backgrounds in architecture, dance, music, performance, television, theatre, visual and web art, they discussed the present and future of art under four broad headings: Art and the New. Art and Society, Art and Technology, Art and Time.
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Further articles include:

Pas de deux

An article published in dance theatre journal in 1999 - about a three year long exchange project with French choreographer Anne Marie Pascoli.
Source: Pas de Deux - Dance Theatre Journal Volume 14 no.4, 1999

Delivering dance

An article written for dance theatre journal in 1997 - gives a background to early work. . Claire Russ looks at what drives her choreography.
Source: Delivering Dance - Dance Theatre Journal Volume thirteen no.3 Spring 1997.

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