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Queen Mary University New School of Medicine and Dentistry

"The performance was superb. It depicted the whole concept of the new medical college which is being built here".

"The crystalline sharpness of that dance on the stone, changing shape and form as the stone seems to do, and the preceding dances with lovely curving shapes to industrial sounds was entirely appropriate. It was a very clear and moving performance."

"It was a fusion of the aesthetic and the physical".

........comments from audience members following the foundation stone laying ceremony for the new Queen Mary University Medical and Dental Research School - an Alsop Architects design.

In November 2003 the Claire Russ Ensemble created 'Rock' a twenty minute dance work incorporating a large architect designed stone, a building site, a crane, a banksman, 12 student dancers from the London Contemporary Dance School, a professional dancer, Arthur Pita, and Richard Stamp a mime artist.

Claire Russ conceived the piece in collaboration with Christophe Egret, Director of Alsop Architects, and with Queen Mary University personnel. The construction team at Laing O'Rourke were also key collaborators in planning and concept. Kevin Stevens their site Banksman became creatively involved and danced some solo movements to bring the stone in.
"A magnificent soundscore was created by Kaffe Matthews creating rhythms and textures out of sounds from the working building site."
It must be one of the most unusual foundation stone laying events Britain has seen.

Funded by: Queen Mary University,Arts Council England, Alsop Architects, Amec, Laing O'Rourke and the London Contemporary Dance School.

A DVD of 'Rock' is available on request.
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