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The Claire Russ Ensemble is a contemporary dance company and a centre for innovation. It was launched in 1990 and reached critical acclaim in 1993 when it was selected to perform in prestigious programmes of work throughout Britain.

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Throughout the 1990s the Ensemble played regularly in the Spring Loaded season at The Robin Howard (then The Place) Theatre, London during the 1990s. It was chosen by John Ashford as the British representative in a European tour of work by emerging to Belgium, France, Germany and Portugal in 1994. Based in the Midlands and London, the Ensemble was resident company at MAC Birmingham and The Place, London.

Subsequent touring, international choreographic exchange, and cultural development projects have maintained the Ensemble as one of innovative style, powerful imagery and excellent dancing.

"Fleet and Fantastical.....Claire Russ succeeds time and again to create something new and distinctly her own."
Dance Now, Summer 1998

"Inventive Movement and Sumptuous Presentation"
Evening Standard, 2000

The Ensemble's current priority is 'LIVESpace'; actively promoting and producing projects in which the expressive human body and performance interact with society and culture in new ways.

LIVESpace performances celebrate and inaugurate new architecture. In collaboration with Stirling Prize winning Alsop Architects, the company created 'Rock' to lay a foundation stone for the Queen Mary University New School of Medicine and Dentistry in London, England.

"There was a crystalline sharpness to the dance. The choreography was entirely appropriate. It was a very clear and moving performance."
Audience member, Alsop Architects/Queen Mary University Foundation Stone Laying, November 2003

Communities play an important part in the work of the Ensemble and in LIVESpace events.
See Communities.

DVDs are available.
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