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LIVESpace | Dance & Technology
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  • LIVESpace forges relationships between new architecture, urban development and dance creating events to inaugurate new architecture.

  • Professionals and Communities are engaged in the process and top artists from other disciplines collaborate with the Ensemble on music, and design. Student dancers are also offered performance opportunities.

  • As its title suggests the project celebrates LIVES and Spaces , the creation of new Spaces, and the aLIVEness of all those concerned.

In collaboration with architects, clients, engineers, and construction companies, we bring spectacle, excitement, ritual and public/arts profile to new landmark buildings audiences are given a total experience linking elements such as speeches and stone laying in an original way.

Concepts in the geometry, dynamics, art and function of the architecture are applied to dance. Narratives given by the users, the client and the local community are represented. The result is aesthetic in the way that much new architecture is, and each new work is original and specific.

Performances are also 'public', making tangible links between real people and the artistic language of dance. Like the best of new architecture, EVENTS fuse aesthetic and function.

If you would like to talk to us about a LIVESpace event please email

The Ensemble offers production management and collaborates on fundraising where necessary.

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