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LIVESpace was conceived by the Claire Russ Ensemble in 2001.

It forges relationships between new architecture, urban development and dance.

Communities and professionals are engaged in LIVESpace projects, and top artists from other disciplines collaborate with the Ensemble on music, and design.

LIVESpace events bring spectacle, excitement, ritual and public/arts profile to new landmark buildings.

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Dance & New Technology

The Ensemble is developing the use of Motion Capture following a workshop at Essex Dance on a Hypervision system. This work links with LIVESpace and new architecture.

The Ensemble has a history of working with new technology in 'CODE' a solo created for the use of small cameras with composer Ian D. Smith. Created at DanceEast, this piece was performed at the Richmond Festival, and at the ICA London.

Anjali Dance Company are touring a work by Claire Russ called 'The Waiting Room', This piece uses surveillance cameras and film. National Tour including Lilian Bayliss Theatre, Sadlers Wells, London.

"Carefully plotted cleverness...funny and unsettling"
Donald Hutera - on The Waiting Room, Anjali Dance Company, Choreography by Claire Russ - Dance Europe January 2004

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