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Motion Capture

The Ensemble is researching Motion Capture as a way of using the body as a drawing tool for new architecture.

From data collected from a dancer using Motion Capture, movements can be traced in three-dimensions, creating unusual volumes, shapes and forms. These show potential as a way of contributing to the design process of a new building.

At the Ensemble we are in dialogue with Architects about the application of this.

"The Ensemble envisions a process whereby designers work with dancers, film their movements, look for repeated forms, and create 3D models so that, in a sense, buildings can start to mould to the human form. Russ looks forward to a time when 'body consultation' becomes a staple part of the architectural endeavour."
Cristina Esposito , Architects Journal, April 2004.

Live Performance

Motion Capture imagery is being explored for applications in live performance - both for LIVESpace events, and for theatres.

Watch this space.

Motion Capture Workshops

We will be carrying out some workshops for school students in Motion Capture at Essex Dance in May 2004.

Small Cameras

Small cameras fixed on the body are being researched. The Ensemble is interested in combining the external view and internal views of a performance to augment the experience of an audience, and create new concepts of performance.

Traditionally an audience views a performance from an external perspective - from outside the personal space of the dancer(s) With the use of small cameras and live playback the dance can be viewed simulataneously from the dancer's perspective. Hidden features of an environment can be revealed. Texts can be discovered embedded on bodies, or in the environment. Poetry can be told without speaking.

Watch this space.

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