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"non-conformist and inventive with magnificent lifts"
Ouest France

"most intriguing"
The Independent

"Scurrilous and original British humour"
AZ Feuilleton, Germany

Throughout the 1990's the Claire Russ Ensemble toured full-length works in the UK and Europe. Some of these are available for revival.
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2002 Solo work Code designed to incorporate small cameras on the body, with composer Ian Brown, created at DanceEast and performed at Richmond Festival, and the ICA, London.
2000/2001 VeilSAFE an installation created for a solo created for Matthew Hawkins in collaboration with visual artist Caroline Broadhead. Won a Year of the Artist award. National tour to non-theatre venues
1999/2000 [B & B]4 a series of duets in collaboration with French Choreographer Anne Marie Pascoli. Design by Lesley Travers (ENO, Lyndsey Kemp), national tour and tour to France.
1998 Gourmet, British tour March- May '98 including Springloaded at the Place Theatre.
1997 Sweet Sensations for the Brewery Arts Centre Kendal with Visual Artist Hermione Alsop.
1996/97 Sweet Boys two national and European tours. With dancers Arthur Pita and Odette Hughes and lighting design by Rui Horta.
1995/96 Dangerous When Wet two national and European tours, and selected for entry to Rencontres choregraphique Seine-Saint Denis (Bagnolet) competition.
1995 Sweet Boy solo danced by Odette Hughes.
1994 Unlaced Grace with Visual Artist Caroline Broadhead, and dancers Matthew Hawkins, Russell Trigg and Isobelle Martinez.
1993 Heirs and Graces European tour. Selected by John Ashford for European touring and also for a season of new British work at Acarte Gulbenkian, Lisbon, alongside Jonathan Burrows, Shobana Jeyasingh and V-Tol. Tour to Birmingham/West Midlands
1993 Grace Not Grace played in the Place Theatre London's Springloaded season then on British tour plus European premiere at Theatre im Pumpenhaus, Munster, Germany.
1992 Death Defying the Eye and Ultramarine with additional direction by Nigel Charnock. National tour: Spring Loaded appearance and subsequently programmed at the ICA and the Almeida Theatre, London.
1991 Garden Party in the Hothouse. Design Jane Joyce - national tour, residences in NW England and West Midlands.
1990 Ten Million Besom Brushes - tour with education residencies - West Midlands, Bolton, Manchester.
1989 Dressing For Success - showcases.

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